AIA-Orange County Chapter

Field Trip to the Getty Villa Museum

Seventeen society members visited the newly renovated Getty Villa Museum on September 16, 2006.  Our group ate lunch together at the new Getty Cafe and then went our separate ways to enjoy the galleries of Classical Greek and Roman art collected by billionaire J. Paul Getty during the early 1900's. Two of the priceless marble statues have been in the news recently: (1) The infamous white marble statue of a man from the island of Kouros has been declared a "fake" by some art experts, but is still on display, and (2) the magnificent "Winged Griffins Attacking a Deer" has been labeled as being "stolen" from a site in Italy and negotiations are being held to return it to its country of origin.
The beautiful Roman style villa and exquisite gardens facing the Pacific Ocean (below) conveys one to a different time and place and you feel you are part of ancient Roman and Greek history. Many of our group took docent guided tours, which greatly enhanced the enjoyment and appreciation of the antiquities and the Getty Villa itself.