AIA O.C. Society Goes To See The Dead Sea Scrolls


On August 25, 2007, 17 members of the AIA O.C. Society and their guests visited Balboa Park in San Diego, CA.  Our first stop was at the Museum Of Man (MOM ).  Dr. Mari Lyn Salvador, Director of the MOM, gave us a personal tour of the exciting exhibit "Journey To The Copper Age: Archaeology of the Holy Land."  The first photo shows our group with Dr. Salvador.  The second photo shows Dr. Salvador explaining some of the exhibit's maps and photographs.

This exhibit displayed very ancient (2500 B.C. ) copper alloy religious/spiritual objects from the Levant region of the Holy Land.  The scepters, maces, and staffs were cast by a civilization that occupied the land that was later ancient Israel (or more specifically, Judah) at the time of the building of the great Pyramid (Khufu/Cheops) in Egypt (i.e., an area that was part of Canaan in 2500 B.C.).
Following this enlightening tour, we all had lunch at the Prado Restaurant and then walked over to the Museum Of Natural History (MNH).  Our AIA members toured the fabulous exhibit of the famous Dead Sea Scrolls (DSS).  This exhibit of the DSS was the largest and most comprehensive that has ever come to America.  The first half of this exhibit explained the interesting and complex history of the discovery and interpretation of these priceless documents. The second half had on display many of the most important Dead Sea Scrolls, including the rare copper scroll.  There was a written and audio explanation of the text each scroll and the significance of what these ancient texts meant to the Jewish religion and the beginnings of Christianity.