Site Stewardship Webinar October 14 & 15

Site stewardship programs provide training and supervision to citizens who want to help preserve archaeological and historical resources. Volunteer site stewards regularly visit their assigned sites to observe and report on their conditions. Site stewards work at state and federal agencies, at national, state, and local parklands, and at land conservancies. Site stewardship programs protect our heritage resources, increase the effectiveness of archaeologists, and give volunteers opportunities for meaningful experiences.

Attend this workshop to learn about archaeological site stewardship programs across the nation. Program coordinators and volunteer site stewards will speak about their projects and experiences, their successes and challenges, their goals and accomplishments. This workshop augments the training that volunteer site stewards receive before going into the field, but it is not designed to replace that training.

You can listen and view the workshop with the Zoom app   or by web browser, or listen to the workshop by phone. By default, your computer’s microphone will be muted and its camera will not transmit video to the workshop

Although there is no fee, registration is required. Register now at

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